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Kuchar&Co is an advisory and performance platform led by Adam Kucharski. He works at the intersection of cities, institutions, culture, and finance.


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Adam's Advisory support to changemakers in challenging geographies

Collaborators for Change



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Projects and Performances

Dynamism and innovation brought to bear on the most pressing challenges facing cities, communities, and institutions.


Redesigning Khedivial Cairo

Transforming one of the most complex urban cores in the world into an engine for regeneration


ETMAC: Extra-territorial Ministry of Arab Culture

Conceptualizing the future of arts and culture institutions in times of crisis and displacement


Creating a National Innovation Powerhouse

Equipping cities with the infrastructure for economic competitiveness


“This is How We Should be Thinking about Napoli”

Performatively staging contemporary debates in urbanism


Reinventing the

Dar al-Consul

Reviving a millennium of history to serve a struggling community


Planning the Future of Mount Ajloun

Transforming a neglected hinterland into Jordan's most dynamic tourism hub