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Kuchar&Co brings together designers, policy makers, urbanists, economists, and performance with global experience and vision.

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Photo by Ahmed Hassan

Photo by Ahmed Hassan

Adam Kucharski  |  Founder

Adam is an anthropologist-turned-economist-turned-urbanist. In his ten-year career, he has taken on some big questions:

How can conservation earn a rate of return? As an advisor to the Royal Court of Jordan, Adam authored a plan to transform 400 square miles of rural Jordan into the next Tuscany and helped Jordan’s national park system to become financially self-sustaining.

How can governments stimulate innovation? Adam designed Jordan’s new national innovation agency, a first-of-its-kind entity that has been called “game-changing” by Jordan’s leading entrepreneurs. A startup founder himself, Adam launched and grew an innovative, human-centered design consultancy in Egypt that merged venture incubation with urban design.

How can cities be regenerated? Adam was asked by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to design and lead an urban regeneration initiative for Cairo’s belle-époque Downtown, resulting in a plan that has unlocked some thirty years of urban policy stasis.

His next question – How do we evolve investment into our built environments? – has brought Adam back to the United States, where he is seeking opportunities to innovate the financing of green infrastructure, the incentivizing of urban renewal, and the de-sprawling of suburbs.

Adam is a former Fulbright Fellow, and speaks both Arabic and English. His work has been celebrated, including with a National AIA Honor Award.

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We take collaboration seriously. With a unique "consulting platform" model, Kuchar&Co brings together diverse experts with unparalleled technical depth and unmatched geographical scope.

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